For all of you who want to borrow outfits made by me please observe the following: 

1. I do not lend clothing to anyone I do not know unless anyone I know can vouch for them. If I do not know you, try and find someone we both know.

2. I want to know who the model is, the photographer and (if used) make up artist and stylist. I also want to see reference photos from the photographer and in most cases have contact with the photographer.

3. If the model does not have any experiences with latex I have to be present during the shoot – I have a “you break it, you buy it”-policy and I really really really want to avoid having to enforce it.

4. I require that I get some (2-5) hi-res photos (around 2500 by 3500 pixles) from the shoot that I am free to use as I please for marketing purposes. Contracts between me, the model and photographer outlining these requirements are requiered and are to be signed before the shoot.

5. I have some garments ready for loan and shooting, but most of the times, I make clothes especially for the model. For this you will need to be able to provide me with measurements. This also means I need a good headsup before shoots.

6. Since I am based in Sweden (northern Europe) you are most likely to get to borrow my outfits if you are relatively close to me. I am a small business and can not afford to send outfits around the world.


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