I am back!

As maternity leave turns paternity leave Abstinence is back in business. I will be adding some new designs and items, get cracking on a webshop and of course start dealing with your orders.

Yes, i am still alive

For you who have not seen it i have updated the design of the webpage and i am also looking into making a webshop here instead of selling my designs via Etsy. I also want to apologize to all of you whom i have not had the time to answer but i am a new mother and most of my time now goes to take care of my wonderful son. Hence production is at an almost stand still at the moment but i will be back as soon as i can. You who have sent in requests, you will get answers shortly :) Love you all and thanks for your continuing support. I leave you with a photo of my wonderful son and equally lovely husband. // Susann

Heavy Rubber

I´m so excited and happy that I can hardly stand still... Some of my garments got pages in HeavyRubber issue 30. One of my models Psylocke is travelling the world to take lovley fetish photos with epic photographers and when she told me she was going to Peter W. Czernich and needed some cool gear I was up for it. It took some time and I hardly dared to belive it when she told me that the pics of my clothing where going to make the magazine... This is an accievment far greater than I could have imagined when I started making latex clothes for me and my man in 2006... I´m so greatful to Psylocke who made this possible, thanx sweety... Here you will find Psylocke and here is a link to HeavyRubber Here are some pictures I took of the magazine...    

Uppsala Kärleks och Erotikmässa 2011

This weekend has been wonderful, marvelous and feetkilling :-) We went to Uppsala Kärleks och Erotikmässa together with Sin and Virtue to promote Abstinence. After a grueling 6 hours Friday night drive in a Ford 9 seater we were finally in Uppsala settling in a friends lovely appartment, took a beer and got to bed trying to sleep a couple of hours. In the morning when the alarm went of I felt like I hadn´t sleept at all, but there were nothing else to do but to get up have a shower and put on a happy face. Arriving at the venue, V-dala nation, we finally got all our stuff inside and started to get everything up I realized that all of my accessories where still in a bag at the studio in Gothenburg and my backpack with my computer were not with us either. I broke down for a good 20 minutes walking outside getting some candy for my table and some drinks and food for all of us, then back in the game again getting my table and clothing rack ready. Everything opened at 11 when my model and man Marcus almost where done to give the visitors some extra for their money, dressed as a Jedi huntress. The local newspaper where there taking pictures of Marcus, Tina (Sin and Virtue) and Evy Maroon. The first day, Saturday, where quite slow. Some visitors watching and some asking stuff, but no orders or buys. Marcus where a very popular photoobject though :-) After a tough day in high heels, I almost lost my balance going back to my sneakers, we went back to the appartment to some well needed RnR with some pizza and beer. After a short rest, we geared up for a night out on the town. We took a cab to Oasia a very nice restaurant/cocktailbar, with cocktails that is beyond this world... I had a cocktail namned Basil Vineager, doesn´t sound very good, but it was like an orgasm for the tastebuttons, well worth the 115 SEK. During the evening we were hanging around with Evy Maroon and Rasmus Wurm extreamly nice people and we meet and talked to a lot of interested people living in Uppsala. Uppsala ROCKS! We had to make the evening an early one and went back to the appartment just after 1.00 AM. When back, I just died in my bed probably snoring before my head hit the pillow. Sunday was busy, busy, busy, a lot more interested people and I got some sells and some orders. I got my pinstiped vest showed on stage by Rasmus when he was presenting Evy. I talked to some lovely people both about, making latex and wearing it. At 5 PM we started to get all our stuff together so we could start our trip back home. 6:30 PM we were on our way all very tired, but kept talking so our driver, Marcus, didn´t fall asleep. My bed called me and my head was on the pillow at 2 AM falling asleep with a smile on my lips. The weekend was all in all a success, hopefully I will reap the fruits when customers starting to find their way to my webpage. Thank you all that made this weekend a lovely event. Some pictures from this weekend is found below, enjoy!!!    

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