Heavy Rubber

I´m so excited and happy that I can hardly stand still... Some of my garments got pages in HeavyRubber issue 30. One of my models Psylocke is travelling the world to take lovley fetish photos with epic photographers and when she told me she was going to Peter W. Czernich and needed some cool gear I was up for it. It took some time and I hardly dared to belive it when she told me that the pics of my clothing where going to make the magazine... This is an accievment far greater than I could have imagined when I started making latex clothes for me and my man in 2006... I´m so greatful to Psylocke who made this possible, thanx sweety... Here you will find Psylocke and here is a link to HeavyRubber Here are some pictures I took of the magazine...    

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