Abstinence and my life

I am back!

As maternity leave turns paternity leave Abstinence is back in business. I will be adding some new designs and items, get cracking on a webshop and of course start dealing with your orders.

Yes, i am still alive

For you who have not seen it i have updated the design of the webpage and i am also looking into making a webshop here instead of selling my designs via Etsy. I also want to apologize to all of you whom i have not had the time to answer but i am a new mother and most of my time now goes to take care of my wonderful son. Hence production is at an almost stand still at the moment but i will be back as soon as i can. You who have sent in requests, you will get answers shortly :) Love you all and thanks for your continuing support. I leave you with a photo of my wonderful son and equally lovely husband. // Susann

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